Molly Castelazo, former director of China Global Trade, has announced her resignation.
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Harvard professor Gary Pisano discusses his new book on producing prosperity in America
What ails the U.S. solar industry, what China’s doing right, and why steep tariffs might do more harm than good.
Is China a currency manipulator? By how much is the yuan undervalued? What does that mean for the U.S.?

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Spotlight: Chinese Currency Manipulation

  • Say What?

    "The result of China’s manipulation of the value of its currency has been a monumental trade surplus with the U.S. and the migration of manufacturing from the U.S. to China. "
    King & Spalding
  • The Experts Weigh In

    "For nearly two decades, there has been no real connection between the value of the yuan and U.S. unemployment. This is not a surprise – American unemployment is naturally determined by American... more »
  • In the News

    I don’t know if there’s some sort of political clock in Washington D.C., but it’s clearly that time again – time to take back up the China currency manipulation debate.  It’s easy to see why... more »
  • Issues in Depth

    Many thought leaders – business people, policymakers, academics – in the U.S. have voiced concerns for a number of years now that the U.S. is losing its competitive edge.  They see a global...
    more »

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